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My connection is lost when I'm put into a breakout room


I attend two regular class meetings hosted by two people in England.  I'm in Canada (not sure if this makes any difference for connectivity).  They often divide our groups into breakout rooms.  Usually I can go into the first breakout room with no problem, but when they do a second breakout session, I lose my audio and video connection.  Generally, I can hear what's going on, but the participants in the breakout room cannot hear or see me.  I get an exclamation mark that my mic is not connected, though I have done nothing.  Then Zoom freezes and tells me 'Zoom is not responding'.  I've tried closing out Zoom, unplugging my camera/mic and re-plugging it in, rebooting.  Getting out of Zoom is extremely difficult, and it's only by unplugging my camera/mic and rebooting several times that I can finally get back into the meeting--if it hasn't finished by the time I do.  This whole procedure usually takes me about 20 minutes of absolute frustration, as I am missing out on half of my classes. Any suggestions, please and thanks?  I am on the Basic Plan now, as I wasn't using Premium often enough to host, but it happened in Premium as well.  I use Windows 10 on a desktop, in Firefox.



Hi @jmsbc  welcome to the community! This is a weird experience, and I don't believe location should be an issue, unless there maybe something on Zoom or your side, via networking that maybe giving you some hiccups along the way when using breakout rooms, or when establishing that connection when breakout room hopping. As Zoom comes out with regular updates, could you attempt Updating Zoom to the latest version to see if that improves your Zoom experience at all? 

Zoom Community Moderator

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