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Meetings where attendees give up on getting in


Hi - Need some advice please. We have a series of meetings that are created from a calendly integration. Problem is that almost always no one show up after they sign up. We received a complaint that they are getting confused when Zoom pops up multiple tries to download an app.  We need a simple experience like google meets where they need to just click on a link without all the popups. Any suggestions? Thanks



It may be worth sending a reminder with the correct link and all requisite information to join a meeting so they can join as a guest. You could do this using your email client or there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that makes sure attendees have the correct link to join with on click.

Thanks. Calendly is sending email and text reminders with the right link. I think people are getting tripped up by the pop-up to download the Zoom app. Is it possible for Zoom to just show a link that grants them meeting access? Google Meet, and Teams offer this.