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Mac Mini M1 Can't Detect Microphone


(Reposted to move to Meetings)


I am using:

Mac Mini M1

MACOS 13.1.1 Ventura

Zoom 5.14.2


Rooland VR 4HD


Using this setup the Zoom app cannot detect my microphone. The microphone feeds in through a MOTU M2, but I also have a Roland VR 4HD video audio console and it, too, does not work with the microphone.


The video inputs fine through the Roland.


The MOTU is listed as a choice for input in the Zoom audio preferences, but the microphone check shows nothing and the test does not move the indicator. Same with the Roland. Neither device produces any error messages.


Audio OUTPUT, on the other hand, works just fine on the MOTU. Playing the Test Audio on the Zoom app comes through correctly on the MOTU


The Mac System Settings/Audio have specified the MOTU M2 for input and output. The Audio settings is seeing the microphone, since inputting sound to it moves the indicator in the System Settings/Audio.


So it's just the audio input that cannot be detected by the Zoom app.


I wonder if it is a bug with the Mac Mini M1. I previously used a Mac Mini Intel with all this hardware with no problems.


I have uninstalled and redownloaded and reinstalled the Zoom app. I have tried with and without the optional MOTU M2 Mac driver.


Help would be greatly appreciated.