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Join Zoom meeting from Microsoft Teams Room


We have a bunch of Microsoft Teams Room's using Logitech Rally Bar. 

Recently, all the rally bars got updated to allow "Direct Guest Join": Enable Teams Rooms devices to join third-party meetings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Everything works fine if the meeting is NOT password protected, however when the invite contains a password, the Zoom-Client in Teams Room is unable to authenticate. 


The Response from Logitech is: Ask Microsoft. 

The Response from Microsoft is: Ask Zoom. 


Does anybody else have the same issue? 
Thank you! 



Have you received any guidance or direction on this? Our organization is experiencing the exact same issue which has yet to be resolved. I started in the same order of vendors and received the same blame game which has obviously led us nowhere. It seems to me that the Zoom application is unable to parse the passcode correctly or it is retrieving the wrong information to enter in the passcode field. Unfortunately, you cannot see what it is entering due to the field being masked. In addition, there is no possible way to manually enter the passcode as a workaround (not sure who's clever idea that was).

Nope. Nothing from no one. Both MS and Logitech closed the ticket… 


I haven’t tried in the latest version of CollabOS though. 

Wonderful! I've updated to the latest version of CollabOS and the issue still remains. That said, it doesn't hurt to update to the latest. Apart from that, I opened a support case with Zoom on Friday, but am awaiting a reply on that. I'll keep you updated on where that lands, but I imagine it'll take quite awhile before this gets resolved. It makes you wonder if anyone even thoroughly tested the feature before releasing it..  I'm surprised more administrators haven't complained of this as you're the only other person I've seen publicly document this issue. Logitech and MS claimed that no one else has reported this issue which I find hard to believe.

Just wanted to provide you with an update. Ultimately, Zoom Support was not very helpful in providing useful information to resolve this issue, but instead gave me information on using a Zoom bot in Microsoft Teams (desktop client).. That said, after several months of playing support ping pong with Logitech, Microsoft, and zoom in addition to ensuring all our conference room gear firmware was up to date, we can now miraculously join meetings with pass codes. One thing to note is that after updating, it seems that the "Enable third-party meetings" option on the Logitech Tap itself for some reason disappears within the Teams Room settings? A reboot will typically resolve it and allow you to toggle it on. I have not a clue why they couldn't make this toggle available in the Logitech Sync admin center or in the Microsoft Teams admin center under equipment.. It is a bit absurd that I have to physically go to every Logitech Tap to enable this setting, but it is what it is.