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Verifying I had a session.


I use the same meeting id requirement.   How can I verify I had a meeting on a specific date and time?


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hello Latepass,


There is no current feature that will allow you to search for an upcoming meeting using a meeting ID.  You can, however, look up the date and check if the meeting ID is the same.  You can go to:

  1. Meetings on your browser (Click Here)
  2. Go to Upcoming meetings, and you can see the Meeting ID displayed under the meeting. (see screenshot).

There's also a workaround if you want to look up all the upcoming meetings using a Meeting ID. Use the native "find function" in your browser by pressing CTRL F (Windows) or COMMAND F (Mac). A search bar would appear on the top of the browser and you can input the Meeting ID. Make sure to include the spaces between the Meeting ID number to accurately look for it.


I hope this helps.