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Issues additional options when sharing screen


I am using a Chromebook and when sharing screen the additional options bar is not showing up, only the Stop sharing, pause and sharing options. 


Can someone tell me how to activate all the missing options 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Someone here running ChromeOS may best be able to answer your question, but the experience for Chromebook users will absolutely differ from Windows/Mac clients. 


Are you joining meetings from the browser, using the Zoom for Android (on Chromebook) app, or using the Zoom PWA for ChromeOS?
Also, are you joining a meeting that someone else (potentially with additional options disabled on their account or at the meeting-level) is hosting or one that you are hosting yourself?

Hi! Thank you for the help. 


I am using the Zoom app for ChromeOS and I am the one hosting the meeting. When sharing screen, the controls/additional options tool bar does not appear only the You are sharing (in green)  pause option and the Stop Sharing option. 


Same issue happens when using the Chrome browser. I will try to install a different app. FYI this is a brand new Chromebook regarding the OS updated version.