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If you close a Zoom meeting without stopping the recording, do you lose it?


Hello. I recorded a Zoom meeting as a guest (with acceptance by the host). However, when he ended the call, I realized I didn't know how to find that video. I've searched my laptop documents and entire laptop, but and not finding the folder. So I'm wondering if it may be because the meeting was ended without ending the recording...? I.e., I never clicked to stop the recording b4 he ended the call. Thank You.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Yes, the recording will still save, even if you didn't stop the recording.  If you saved it locally, you should find it on the device.  I would record another meeting locally and figure out where that 2nd recording was saved and you should find the first one.  If the recording was saved in the cloud, that recording will be owned by the host.

Thank you, Mr. Smith!
That's a great idea to create a test video. I did that and found it, but not the video in question. The issue seems to be that the Zoom pop-up confirming to save the video that I saw when doing the test just now did not occur on my end (that I recall) after my Zoom session as a guest recording it. So that must be the glitch, and again, I don't recall seeing that, but it's possible that I did a "quicker clicker" thing and closed it without thinking. 

Will that pop-up window to confirm saving always pop up for whichever party is recording it? I.e., as guest or host?

Thanks again for the prompt response and good idea!