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Feedback Issues


We use an Ipad on the pulpit at church for zoom meetings. We have a microphone on the pulpit in addition to the one on the iPad. We also have a wireless microphone and mounted speakers. We have had to mute the iPad at times due to feedback which means those remotely connected have no audio being broadcasted. What do we need to do? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It is not clear why there is a pulpit mic and a wireless mic and mounted speakers and how they are connected. If the iPad mic is going to Zoom and Zoom is going to speakers that is a feedback loop. It is not clear how this equipment is all connected, but Zoom should not be fed to the speakers. Is output from Zoom on the iPad being fed to speakers? Is there a separate Zoom computer feeding the speakers? is the iPad speakers turned on? Speakers are typically the source for feedback.