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Error "zoom may not be supported by your browser" when trying to initiate via in-app browser


Hello.  We are trying to host a live meeting. We typically do that via an in-app browser, but have recently being seeing the error, "zoom may not be supported by your browser". 


This is on iOS 15 using the web view SDK. Is there anything we can do when initiating the meeting to prevent folks from seeing this error? 


can you help me

Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Hi @oo1 welcome to the community! How can we help?!

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I'm helping someone who is having this error on iPad and iPhone. We are trying to join a Zoom meeting room using a link and continually get the error message "zoom may not be supported by your browser." I have installed the app but don't have a meeting number/password for the meeting room, just the link. I expected the link to open the app but it does not.