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Disable Passcode for Meetings


Hi. The toggle is locked in my security settings when I go to disable passcodes for meetings. I am the admin.

Are meeting passcodes a required setting for Basic accounts?


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

@nozoomsupport Hello! This is not a required setting for Basic accounts but Zoom is Requiring meetings to have at least one security option.


To unlock the meeting passcode, please login to the web portal (account onwer / admin) > Account Management > Account Settings > Meeting > Security > Review the meeting passcode settings.

I am the owner and the only user. I have a Basic account (I used to have a Pro account, but no longer). I have "Waiting Room" enabled, but "Meeting Passcode" is enabled, grayed out, and locked. I have no way to disable this. I read the documentation, and supposedly if I have "Waiting Room" enabled (which I do), I should be able to disable "Meeting Passcode", but I can't.

Is it possible for you or some other Zoom employee to please reply to our situation since what you advised does not work? This has been happening for several months now with no official reply or fix. The same situation has been posted by many other Zoom users with Basic accounts throughout this forum with no resolution. We all keep receiving the same response with the same steps that are not even possible for us since the option is grayed out no matter what we do.

An official reply and fix, if there is one, will be greatly appreciated.


Facing the same problem