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Can the same Zoom meeting be opened/displayed on 2 different Desktops on a Mac?


For running a mixed in-person/remote classroom using OWL from a podium with MacBook running a Zoom meeting with the "teacher" who faces the classroom and not the large screen, which is off to the side and displays the remote users and, as needed, the shared screen.

Why?  If the teacher at the podium controlling the meeting with a MacBook could have the Zoom shared screen on one desktop and the remote participants on another desktop on the laptop it would be easier (?) for the teacher to focus on the MacBook for both the Participant View and the Shared Screen view views if they were on separate desktops, while being able to also look at the in person class members. 

I think this might be a better way for teacher to retain "eye contact" with remote participants through an extended time.

Doesn't seem to be supported, but wondering if it could be. 

Or is this a pipe dream?  

Or is there another way to accomplish this same Idea?

I can add photo of the classroom next week....