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Bounced Email for new account invitees


When setting up a new user for my organization, I created their Zoom Account before their email account had been configured. When I sent the invitation, of course, it bounced. Once I had created the user's email account 

they were still unable to receive an email despite my repeated attempts to resend the invitation.


Finally I contacted the Zoom helpdesk who told me the email account had been blocked on their end due to the 

initial bounce. As a Zoom Admin I would like to be able to see if a user's email has been blocked by Zoom.


Thank you.




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Dave0072 

If you would like to submit any product feedback, I encourage you to visit our Zoom Feedback form, which is the official way to share any feedback or feature requests with the Zoom team. Thanks!