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Blocked audio and update problems


Zoom has started blocking my audio- actually, it turns on for a minute, then says that the browser is blocking audio, and explains how to unblock it (but that does nothing, but perhaps turn it on again, for a minute, before blocking it again.  Have tries two browsers, this happens in both- Microsoft and Chrome.)

  Zoom keeps saying that an update us required, as well.  It took some time to finally locate an update page, and the update link only seems to attempt to open a meeting, and give another notice, that an update us needed.  (everything worked fine, until this present update.) does one get Windows 10 to stop blocking audio, during a Zoom meeting?

And how does one get a real zoom update to download, and install? (If one is required, as the pop-up box says.)


Note: The Zoom update prompt started a while ago.  The blocked audio, during a Zoom meeting, just started, the other day.- and is a REAL problem!"  




Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @D21,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by these issues, would you please submit a ticket and provide meeting samples for engineers to investigate?