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Zoom meetings not being sent via zoom direct or via apple calender


Something strange is going on with invites hoping someone can help


Usually, set up meeting in zoom, it goes into apple calender and I add the emails to invite under invites, hit send and people receive invites.


Recently people say they havent recieved invites, Ive tried test to my own email addresses and same issue.

Any ideas ? 



I have a similar issue. The Zoom meeting request is get form a particular client, does not include a link in the email. Siri finds an event and can add it to the Mac Calendar app, but there is not a button to accept or decline the meeting.


I am having the same issue. My zoom meeting scheduling says ical, it asks me to add to ical. Then the meeting attendees are erased or missing, so I add via the saved icalendar zoom appt, hit send… days go by and people say they never received the invite. I then go in and remove the zoom link at the top and just have it in the body text, change something else like the alert timing, and resend. Then sometimes people get it.  Often my clients get frustrated and say just text the link and I will save it on my own.  Occasionally people will say they get the zoom appt details from my icloud email but with no calendar ics attachment. So what I am trying to solve is: why would a legit, proper icalendar appt added from zoom, with a proper email address not be received repeatedly.