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I am trying to broadcast a webinar or meeting to a facebook group Live session - so we can have both screen share and my picture..  They have disabled third party app integrations but still take RTMP connection which I set up.  I tried through the livestreaming app and also set up the RTMP on a scheduled webinar. 


 I am getting this error both ways, any advice?  I have already restarted and reset the connections several times - error failed to connect to zoom services.  Please refresh the app. Logging out of all streaming platforms and adding these again may solve the problem. If the error persists, contact support.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Zoom didn't do it... Facebook/Meta made a change that eliminates the ability to stream to Facebook GROUPS from "integrated applications" like Zoom.  See my post here for information and a video that explains the use of the Custom RTMP approach to live-streaming in Facebook Groups: 

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