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timing issue


Is anyone having issues with the timing of meetings or events? I've set up several meetings on the 'zoom events' platform for 12-1 pm EST and they are showing up in the regular zoom log in as 11 am - 12 pm. The same thing is happening when I just set up meetings in regular zoom - they continue to show up as 11 am-12 pm. 

This is a serious issue as my timings can not be incorrect for these sessions. 

in regular zoom shows at 11 am estin regular zoom shows at 11 am estin zoom events shows set up as 12 pm estin zoom events shows set up as 12 pm est


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @ctamms.


The only time I’ve seen this is when the computer’s time zone is different than the time zone used to set the meeting. Are you in the Central Time Zone?  The Meeting is set using Eastern time. 



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Hi @ctamms welcome to the community! Just checking in on @Ray_Harwood's reply on for setting your time and time zone? Were you able to check this to determine whether the time zone differed from what was set within the Zoom desktop client? 

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