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Zoom Events upload sessions through CSV and uploading Speakers through CSV seems to not work


I have a Zoom Event set up and it has a few existing sessions and speakers.


I would like to upload the remaining sessions and speakers using an CSV file (basically using the instructions at


I have been completely unable to get this to work. I upload session information through CSV file as per but when I get to the step that says "Click Choose Files to select the CSV file you want to import. After selecting a CSV file to upload, click Open." whenever I choose my file and click Open, nothing happens. I get no error message, and there is no delay. I am returned to the Sessions screen and there are no sessions added. I tried uploading a CSV file of Speakers and that also reacted the same way. No error message after pressing OK to upload the file - just returned to the Speakers page but no speakers are added.


Thinking I might have a formatting error in my CSV file I tried 2 things:

1) I tried to Export my existing data, then erase every line except for 1. In the 1 Session that was left, I altered just the name of the Speaker and tried uploading the resulting CSV file. I got the same behavior as above. [Repeated this with a CSV file for Speaker and got the same behavior too.]

2) I tried uploading the Sessions SampleCSV.csv file to the Sessions area and I had exactly the same behavior. [Repeated this with the Speaker SampleCSV.csv file and got the same behavior.]


So, it seems like either this functionality simply is not implemented, or there is some problem with the SampleCSV.csv files themselves.


Does anyone have any further information on this? Advice? A sample file that actually works?


At this point I will enter all my entries by hand, but I do wonder what might be the problem for me. I expect to have more sessions and speakers to add in the next few days so I would LOVE to be able to do it through csv upload. Thanks.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @LeeZoomer.


I’ve done this successfully a number of times. 

When creating the CSV file, there are several CSV options in Excel to choose from. Be sure you are selecting “CSV”, and not “CSV UTF-8” (plain CSV is usually farther down the Save As list). I think the import process chokes on the UTF-8 encoding, but that’s a memory from some time ago – I just always use plain CSV now. 

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