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Good Day, 


I hope this message finds you enjoying your week. 


Although, I am using a basic zoom account, a friend has either a zoom pro or business account. They are hosting a gathering in person and on-line. I need to understand the features of what a zoom pro or business account can do as well as what technology they will need, so I can assist with the set up. I tried speaking with someone in sales support and they essentially said because I have a basic account they could not provide me with any assistance or transfer me to technical support.


Could someone kindly advise what I would need to do to set up a gathering for both in-person and online (max 150-200 people) ? I am only using an phone camera with a tripod and will only be showing the speakers at the event. For privacy purposes, I would like to be able to block the attendees ability to record the event, and have the attendees online have their speaker volume blocked during the event. 


Any support and advice is sincerely appreciated. 


Thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Glassofsunshine.


Unfortunately, there aren't any viable options for you as a Basic/free account user.


Consider looking at the free webinars available from  Their basic webinar service is free regardless of the number of attendees, and while it doesn't have all the features that a Zoom Webinar might have, its functionality should meet the need of anyone on a tight budget.

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