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Required registration data not populating in reports - Zoom Sessions and Events


I have tested this in two different zoom events from two separate accounts. When requiring registration for things like job title and organization (and also custom questions) the report exports with thee fields listed at N/A. This information is super important to my organization and after having registered over 200 people for our most recent event, to not be able to have this info is a huge loss. 


We tried this on a Zoom session with a single event with email registration and in a different account with a Zoom Event with email registration options. Both had the required check boxes turned on for Job title and Organization. 


Any other solutions?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @VProducers.


A couple of questions:

  1. Was this in Zoom Events, Zoom Sessions, or both?
  2. What specific settings were used for registration? A redacted screen shot of the Registration and Ticket info might be helpful.
  3. How was the report generated?  Menu breadcrumbs and settings would help.

With this, I can generate a test scenario and see if I have the same results, and possibly figure out what's causing it.  There are so many variables involved.

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I had the same issue, it looks like it is a glitch in their system. It has been fixed now; at least I can see the data. But it took them weeks to fix this very basic and important issue.

Agreed. Seems like it was a Zoom glitch. It is fixed now.