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Request: Simulive for Zoom Rooms and Zoom Client

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Another much-needed feature request to share with the community!


Some of you may know about a cool little feature in Zoom called 'Simulive'.


When this feature launched, it merely allowed you to play back a meeting/webinar from your Zoom Cloud repository of recordings. This was cute, but not super useful in our environment, where we frequently need to clean up recordings, make edits, re-arrange Zoom's gawdy layouts where speaker-video overlaps valuable content (another feature request!) etc, before the recordings are ready for distribution. Fairly recently, though, Zoom added the option to Upload Recordings, which permits us to take a fully produced show (edited in Premiere, Avid, etc) and inject this into the Zoom Cloud repo.


^^ Hot Dog! Now we're talking!


So what's the problem?

We're all set to run a delightful Simulive webinar of pre-produced content for scheduled playback for our users (many gathering in conference rooms - Zoom Rooms, specifically) in global offices that may have been asleep when the talks initially took place. But it seems that this seemingly helpful Simulive feature has been implemented in the most useless way imaginable:


Can I join using Zoom Client, which my AV/UC (or in Zoom's view 'IT') department meticulously manages and supports? NO.

OK, but can I join from a Zoom Room and have a one-touch-join experience for a large audience to view a scheduled broadcast? One of those rooms that my AV/UC department has spent time and effort designing? NO.

You can join from a web browser, which you don't have to use for any other Zoom meeting/webinar in your enterprise environement. Something not working? Just submit a ticket to your AV/UC team, who doesn't have to support something like this under any other circumstance.


Yes, I'm salty.

I just don't know why such a conceptually useful feature was released in such a functionally useless way (just kidding - I do - it was easier to implement and devs have not considered how it would actually be used in practice).


Sharing in the hopes that others may also see a need for Simulive for Zoom Rooms and Zoom Client - if this is something you or your org would like, please be sure to submit a formal feature request to Zoom!




can I come in