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Production Studio recording view flashes the mute audio symbol at random times


We recorded a Zoom Event with Production Studio scenes. The video includes random flashes throughout. When we freeze-framed them, it's a full-frame picture of a white "mute audio" symbol with black background, This reduces the quality of the video post-session attendees.


Anyone know what is causing this and how we can avoid it? is this a bug with how Zoom captures video?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @JetCanada.


This is a known issue which I believe Zoom has in the pipeline, but I don’t expect an update real soon. This is probably a pretty technical issue, given how Production Studio works internally.  My freeze-frame view looks different than yours though, with black frames followed by partial fill-in over a few frames. 

See this Zoom Clip I made that shows what I experienced from a Session in November 2023: 

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