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Screen Sharing Presenter Layouts - add ability to cloud record what people see

Zoom Partner
Zoom Partner

Feedback to Zoom.
First, love the addition of the new (5.17.x) Screen Sharing Presenter Layouts. So glad to see it in the core meeting product. But, why is there not an option to cloud record whatever participants see?

If a presenter goes to the effort to use this to increase their live engagement (which might include adjusting slides to create the space for their overlay), this should be continued (at least as a recording setting option) through in to the cloud recording. 

This has been a repeated issue in recent years. Clever features like Immersive View, Production Studio (ZE) & now Presenter Layouts should work with cloud recording from day 1 (or at worst day 30 to allow for code release). I'm familiar with why the solution is hard at the architectural layer, but don't under estimate the importance for your customers of capturing what an audience actually saw. Else it deters people using the feature at all. Great feature - still work to do.

Geoff (10 year Zoom user)