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Desktop App review submission rejected


Hi @chunsiong.zoom and the rest of the Zoom support team

I have some doubts regarding the new policy for the access to the Webinar SDK and the requirement of publishing the app and be reviewed.


My use case is the following: our company has developed a Windows desktop app and we are integrating the SDK as an extra module of the app for being able to join to a Webinar and share its screen, so the audience can see our UI.

Of course, we were doing the auth process, joining the webinar, etc. and it worked well. The problem with our solution with the new policy is that the webinars are created from external Zoom accounts.

We have tried publishing and requesting the app review, but it has been rejected. Is this use case allowed under the Zoom SDK policy? How could we solve the review issue? (the reason why Zoom has rejected our first attempt)
Thanks in advance!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

This is a question more appropriate for the Developers Forum at

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