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Control Menu appears randomly over the bridge/ room system connection


Does anyone experienced Control Panel Menu to appears randomly on the Meetings once connected via Room System and Polycome Bridge? When 3x Zoom meeting are connected to Polycome bridge once a wile they will show the control Panel which usually is on by pressing 1 on the remote control. This notification randomly appears on a meeting or on few meeting at the same time. How can we disable this or avoid this situation to happen ? Please could you advise. Thank you


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

This can be caused by a pointing device (like a mouse) being moved subtlety somewhere, or in the case of a wireless mouse, it can be caused by crosstalk from other wireless devices. If you have a mouse, try disconnecting it.


In the case of IR remote controls, it can also be caused by stray IR emissions or reflections in the room.  If you have an IR remote, try finding where the receiver is and blocking it with tape as a test.


If your room device is touch-screen, it could also be a faulty screen.


Does the Control popup coincide with Chat messages in the Meeting?