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Blur host or participant screen


I am looking for a way to blur portions of a shared screen during a webinar event. 

We will be looking at spreadsheets, etc with proprietary information that cannot be shared. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ebb 


In Zoom you can share a portion of your screen. That wouldn't necessarily blur everything else - it would just only share the region of interest to begin with.


To actually blur certain areas there would be no way to do this directly in Zoom. It would be achievable through an external application, but it would not be trivial.


However - my advice would be, that if you are dealing with proprietary or sensitive information, you should consider the risk of whatever obscuring method you use maybe failing, or not being initiated correctly, meaning your whole screen could be revealed, and decide whether that risk is acceptable for you.


Hope this helps.