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Can you turn a past webinar into an on-demand webinar?


Hi there,


I'm following the support article On-demand webinars - Zoom Support on this but it's seems once the webinar has passed, you can't enable it to be on-demand? You needed to have set it to on-demand while setting the webinar up in the first place, is that correct? Although, this has never displayed as an option. You can only select Live or Simulive as the two webinars options. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @christinaj1.


Technically speaking, it’s the recording that becomes on-demand, not the Webinar itself. Clicking the On-Demand option just ensures that the recording is available for watching after the Webinar is over.


If you want to make the recording available after the Webinar is over, just share it. See this Zoom Support article for details:
There are a lot of details there, and it’s good to know about them, but once you understand the process, it’s not very difficult. I recommend setting it up and trying it from another device to make sure it will work the way you intended – sometimes I forget a particular setting and don’t realize it. 

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