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Can I broadcast from 2 cameras at once?


Doing guitar/banjo instruction and would like my laptop webcam as an overall chat camera, but a separate webcam aimed at my fingers. Can it be done with a live Zoom broadcast? Or are the lessons I've seen on YouTube recorded/edited then posted?


Thanks, from this tech-challenged older guy...


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @M2112W.


Yeah, Zoom only transmits one camera video per user. But there is a workaround that’s pretty easy.


Create a second account; it can be a Basic/free account. Use your laptop camera as normal from your normal account; log in from your second account using a smart phone or tablet, being sure to mute it and turn the volume all the way down – and point that at your fingers (maybe use a small tripod to mount your phone on. 

There are other ways, but requires some willingness to get into technical details. Let me know if you’d like a high-level discussion of a couple of them. 

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