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Zoom AI Companion: Multiple people


Hi, we're using Zoom AI Companion in a meeting room in which there are multiple people. We are using one person's laptop (connected to a room camera and monitor) to connect into the meeting.


Zoom AI companion thinks that all discussion is coming from the person whose laptop in the room is connected to the meeting. Is there any way to identify individual speakers within a room?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


I'm guessing that you will not be successful doing it the way the you describe.


Zoom Ai expects each user to join the meeting from their own computer and therefore, their own microphone. Using one Zoom client/ one computer/ one microphone means that AI will think you are all the same person.



Yeah that's what i'm assuming. Hopefully at some point it will be able to detect individual people who are using a shared PC with an external video system in room.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

That would be a great enhancement!, or maybe a brand new AI feature altogether because thinking a bit deeper how it is working today, it really uses the Real-Time Audio Transcription to analyze the conversation(s) so it is really using the text and not Voice Recognition (Voice Fingerprinting) at all to know who is saying what, unless, like @Frank_TB  is describing, people are joining from their own computer and probably also authenticated with their own account, and that is how the AI is able to pinpoint who is saying what.