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How can I find AI Companion notes after I have closed the zoom meeting?



You will need to log into the browser version of Zoom ( and in the left nav menu click on AI Companion. In the My Summaries tab you should see entries for the meetings that you requested the AI Summary for. When the summaries are available the entry will be black font and clickable. If they are greyed out, based on my experience, it means the summary isn't available yet. I had a couple yesterday that were not available until a few hours after the meeting ended.  


thanks.  yes i ckd there.  however not showing up.  i enabled ai companion and even clicked catch me up during meeting and other functions.  i was going to select all and copy to save but forgot.  then after meeting went to summary and nothing is there.

To generate the Meeting Summary notes that show up in the My Summaries section, you would have had to click on the 'Start Summary' button in the bottom menu, not the AI Companion button. From my experience, clicking the AI Companion button doesn't generate notes of the meeting.  Did you click on the Start Summary button?

Hi @AKTHealth!


Was @NancyM2's suggestion helpful? If so, please accept their reply as a solution. Thank you! 


Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?