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how unhelpful zoe is


Hello, fellow zoomies,

I want to talk about how unhelpful and pushy Zoe is. I was trying my very best to be polite and have a pleasant conversation with Zoe, and instead of saying "Hi" back... she tries to get me connected to some type of "Support Team" assuming that I, out of all people, would need her support. Then I actually need help joining a meeting. And whenever I tried telling her that I needed help joining a meeting, she rudely continued trying to get me to connect to this "Support Team" over and over even though every time she asked I clearly said no. I would like an improvement in Zoe's ability to listen and an explanation as to why she is so bad at her job. 



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Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @antizoe123 apologies for your unwanted experience with our support team! I can do my best to assist you here and troubleshoot your issue! 


Just wanted to mention checking out the Zoom Support Center as it has a lot of good resources for troubleshooting issues. Otherwise, you can leverage the Contact Us page to pick the department that best fits your situation. You can also use the Feedback Form to report your experience. 🙂


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