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Issues with adding participants to channels


Has any one here has had issues with adding participants to channels? This worked before, we have tested everything but it keeps saying participant needs to accept request, but even when they do it doesn't add them on??

I came across an online forum of people experiencing the same issue this week.


It has interrupted our business by restricting communication among employees. So no meetings, nothing for the few days. We might have to move from Zoom to something else if this does not get fixed!



Yeah! Same here. Did it get fixed? I dont know what else to do, i even had to ask for my employer laptop so i could move some configurations but it didn't work 😞

Nope still struggling for a solution. #Zoom #tech #support needs to pick this up asap. This has been going on over a week now 

There are numerous other threads about this. There has still been no action from Zoom despite multiple tickets and requests.