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Hide Floating Control panel wont keep hidden during screen share since recent update


As per the title I keep hiding the Floating Control panel whilst screen sharing only for it to repeatedly reappear. Its only happened since day one of the recent Zoom update around 20th Jan-23rd? 2023. It's become very annoying & disrupts my presentations as it covers text on my presentation as well as being a visual as a grey panel for attendees.

Any advice on how to fix?


Tia 🙂



There is a workaround using a second monitor.  Configure it in Windows as Extended Screen.  Do not use the Dual Monitor feature in Zoom.  Move the Zoom window to the extended screen.  Pop out the Participants window, the Chat window and any other windows needed for administration such as breakout rooms, and move them to the primary screen.  Open the window to be shared, move it to the extended screen and minimize it.  When you share this screen, click and hold the Floating Meeting Controls menu which will appear over the shared screen.  Drag it to the main screen so the shared screen on the extended monitor has no other windows over it or behind it.  When someone enters the waiting room, or when they are admitted to the zoom meeting, they will appear in the participants list on the main monitor but nothing will appear or cause grey boxes on the shared screen.  This workaround allows clicking the Optimize For Video button which improves the quality of video being shared, especially on low-end user devices such as cell phones.


It is annoying to me that Zoom made such a significant change in an update in mid January without any warning.  We run meetings with people in a physical meeting room who can see the Zoom participants via a projector to a screen at the front of the room.  The new update in mid January causes grey boxes to appear during screen sharing for all zoom participants.  You can get rid of the grey boxes by unclicking Optimize For Video, but every time a someone arrives in the waiting room everyone's shared video freezes for several seconds, and then when you admit them to the meeting their video screen freezes again for several seconds.  Worse, the people in the physical room now have the floating meeting controls appearing over the shared video on the projector screen, and when you press Ctrl-Shift-Alt-H to get rid of it, a box appears saying to press Esc to get the floating meeting controls back.  This happens for the people in the physical room every time a person enters the waiting room and every time someone is admitted to the meeting.


Prior to the update in mid-January, pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-H caused the pop-up Floating Meeting Controls to permanently disappear.  We used a separate computer to do administration so screen sharing was relatively fuss-free.  Now we are having to order second monitors for all computers doing screen sharing, and find space for them on audio/visual desks with somewhat limited real estate.  Ugh.