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Teams Interoperability UI Scaling


Hi all,


We currently are using Zoom Rooms (latest version) in one of our conference rooms, and have been having some struggles with the teams UI inside of Zoom Rooms being extremely small. The TV is 4k, but everything else scales completely fine besides Teams within Zoom Rooms.


We have tried messing with display settings, scaling settings, high DPI override, etc. with no luck. Wondering if anyone else has ran into that problem before.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Can you let us know which type of device you're using to run ZR? 

Teams interop via Direct Guest Join is managed by a portable Chromium browser and each type of Zoom Rooms system does not necessarily use the same flavor/version.


This info will inform next steps.

So we are running an Intel NUC (Windows 10) with the Zoom Room's desktop app/client. Then just use the "join" button on an iPad that we use as the Zoom Rooms controller for joining the Teams meeting.


Hope that helps answer it! Otherwise I can give some more info. Thanks!


I'm having the same issue on Windows 11