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Multiple Zoom breakout sessions during a meeting?


Can an admin create multiple pre-assigned breakout rooms in a single meeting? Details: In a meeting with 24 participants, we want to have two separate sessions of pre-assigned one-on-one breakouts, so 12 breakout rooms with different pairings twice in the meeting session. 24 different breakouts in total. 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi @GHumanize ,


An administrator can create as many breakout rooms as his license level allows, for example:


  • PRO license - capacity of up to 100 participants: An administrator can enable up to 50 breakout rooms, making a total of 2 participants per room.
  • In this way, it continues to scale, with fewer rooms + participants.


Attached support link for the management of breakout rooms. 

I hope this helps you.🤗


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