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HIPPA Compliance


Hi, I use Zoom for the practice of telehealth, and have purchased the HIPPA compliant package. I heard on a new report that Zoom is going to have access to private meetings for research purposes.  Is it true that Zoom is going to have access to telehealth sessions with clients?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



There is a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt going on right now, about a change done last March to the terms of services, so I would point you to our blog entry on this:


This is the paragraph you are looking for:

What this means for healthcare and education customers

We will not use customer content, including education records or protected health information, to train our artificial intelligence models without your consent. 

We routinely enter into student data protection agreements with our education customers and legally required business associate agreements (BAA) with our healthcare customers. Our practices and handling of education records, pupil data, and protected healthcare data are controlled by these separate terms and applicable laws.


If you still have further questions I would recommend to contact directly your Zoom account manager or even Zoom support.



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