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Digital Signage - Not Displayed




I am having issues where my Digital Signage won't display on the TV.

  • The Zoom Room is set to Digital Signage Only
  • Digital Signage is currently enabled with the regular content uploaded
  • The TV is currently on the correct input/output


This was working previously, and now it's showing a screensaver of San Franscisco bridge instead. It shows the Banner like normal and as needed, but it doesn't show any of my digital signage. I don't see any offline or error codes, and nothing out of the ordinary. I deleted and re-uploaded the content library, but it still is not displaying. 



It seems like you are experiencing issues with your digital signage not displaying on the TV in your Zoom Room. To troubleshoot this, ensure that the Zoom Room is set to Digital Signage Only and that digital signage is enabled with the correct content uploaded. Additionally, double-check that the TV is on the correct input/output

Hello! Thank you for the response. As mentioned in my original post, all of those things are already set and correct. 


Same issue. Digital signage simply is no longer working. Our TVs show the set screensaver, but the digital signage will not play.

I was never able to resolve it. Honestly, it just reset itself the next day and went back to normal. I was also experiencing a few issues with trying to launch the controller, so I wonder if you are able to get into the TV/Computer it's displayed to, you can reset the device?