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Cisco O365 Calendar integration not working wtih Zoom CRC


Im trying to get the CRC working with our Cisco Webex and SX80 endpoints.

For the moment im just trying to focus on deployment with the SX80 before moving on to the WebEx Room  unit.

I did setup an O365 calendar resource which shows synced and watched to the unit. Connection status shows Synced and is Provisioned.

However, when I add a meeting via outlook I am unable to get the room to auto connect, show one touch join, or even list the event on the factory touch panel. the calendar window is blank.

When I add the event i am using the outlook Zoom meeting plugin to generate the link.

The PMI I assigned to the Cisco unit does show for starting an instant meeting so that confirms that the CRC is talking to it.

Any suggestions on what I am missing?



I am not sure what happened, but minutes after posting the calendar populated. Not sure what happened or why, Perhaps i just didn't wait long enough.