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Causes for Zoom Rooms Unpairing from Controller


I was wondering what some possible causes would be for Zoom Rooms desktops unpairing from a Zoom Room Controller?


We have a client that has multiple Zoom Rooms, and occasionally their controller (on the Zoom Room app on an iPad) will get unpaired from the Zoom Rooms desktop app on a Windows 10 machine, without them doing anything to intentionally/manually unpair it.


Whenever this happens, the only way that works to re-pair them is to get the Activation code for the room re-generated from the Zoom Rooms Admin Portal and to type that in on the iPad app.


So I was wondering if there were a list of known causes for unpairings.  The workstation gets restarted every night, so it is unlikely that restarts, for example, would be the cause.






This started happening more often recently. I write down the six letter Pairing code before I start the day and I can re-enter the same code whenever I get disconnected.

It was more stable when you had two apps open- your user account and the Zoom Room account in a separate app. When the Zoom Room app moved to be a tab of the user account, it drops more often and it also closes the Participant list and the chat window