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Hello to all!

I have zoom Pro account and I have recently signed off for $15/month phone service. I set up the phone and the phone number has been activated; however, I tried to make calls to external numbers I got this message from the system "Sorry the requested service is not available in your calling plan". What does that mean? Does that mean I cannot make calls to outside numbers? Can someone, please help?

Thank you!


Community Champion

thank you for your question and for leveraging the Zoom Community!

What Plan are you subscribed to? 

First, please go to Phone system management --> Users & rooms --> you able see your name, then make sure under the  Package you able to see your subscription plan and the number next to that.







Good idea to call your DDI number to ensure that you have the path active. 

Are you using the full telephone number?

What's a DDI number?

Simply it is a Direct Dial (Inbound) number for callers to reach your privately 😉

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@Fr , Thank you for using Zoom Phone and posting your question to the Zoom Community!

Has your issue been resolved? If it has, and a post here helped, please click on Accept Solution. If this issue was resolved by other means please share those with the community. 

If you still cannot call out please let us know, we are here to help. 



I'm having the same problem. My plan is 

  • Zoom United with US/CA Unlimited
I have made sure in the settings that inbound and outbound is checked. I can receive calls but when I try to make a call I get this recording. "Sorry we cannot complete your call, your service plan does not support calling to this destination." I'm trying to call a local number.


Here was the solution to my problem.

In the Zoom admin portal -  navigate to then within the Zoom Phone section select "View/Edit Countries/Regions".  In the call out section make sure the destination you're attempting to call is selected. 


Hello, just signed up for Basic Phone Plan, $10 PM, and am getting the exact same message.  I'm good with all the above comments other that I do not have a direct dial in number established.  Is that a requirement?  I'm using the Windows Client, but when selecting the Phone I don't see a dial pad.  I am able to initiate call from the IOS app, which is when I get this message.  Thanks for reviewing