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Zoom Phone mobile app contact sync with Zoom Desktop?


I've just started using Zoom Phone as part of a trial before the rest of our company moves over. I've been able to sync my iPhone contacts within the Zoom iOS app and they show under "Phone Contacts" in that app, but the desktop app doesn't seem to sync with the phone app.


Is there any setting or integration I'm missing? This seems utterly basic so I'd be shocked if phone contact sync to the desktop app is not supported.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @codemancmc 


For the Zoom Desktop app, you can link in Contacts from Google, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365.  This is done on the Zoom web portal under Personal > Profile > Others (see attached). They will appear in the Zoom desktop app under the Contacts tab in My Contacts > Cloud Contacts > My Contacts. You'll then be able to type names into the space above the Dialpad on the Phone tab. 


There is also the possibility to import a CSV file of contacts into your Personal Contacts for Zoom, as well as a company-wide list of External Contacts that you can set up as the Admin on your account. See links below.


Following are a few of Zoom Support articles that you will find helpful:


I hope that helps!