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Why is there a huge space in the quotes " (123) 444-1234)" when exporting unassigned numbers?


Zoom's exporting unassigned numbers by default puts in 3 spaces before the phone number. 


Why is that?


if I need to copy/past this info, having the spaces is going to be a problem.  how do you guys get around this. 

I really don't feel like having to write excel formulas to remove the spaces. 

other option, open in notepad++, remove space and quote and then open in excel, but why?


Does Zoom need these 3 spaces if i want to put these numbers into a CSV to assign numbers to extensions, or assign numbers to users?  



I assume it is an artifact of their DB system as that is not the only place where spaces get exported in some fields in CSV files.....

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @dylanhunt ,


The space is added because when importing into a spreadsheet, the default formatting for cells is usually set to "Automatic", which in my experience sets cells formatted to a numerical value (i.e. a number).


So (123) 444-1234 is converted by the spreadsheet to 1234441234, which is not great. 


What I have become accustomed to doing, is to export the DIDs from the Unassigned Tab. As you know this creates a CSV file.


I then import the CSV file to a new sheet, select all cells and set formatting to "Plain Text".


An alternative method / additional step would depend on the spreadsheet you are using. Your spreadsheet application may have a command that will automatically remove whitespace from cells. I have used this a few time when I forgot to set the formatting and had already merged the Unassigned DIDs with other data.


Google Sheets calls this feature "Trim Whitespace"


Excel has the "TRIM" Command


Hope this helps!



I don't import the exported CSV files into actual spreadsheet software, I use the CSV's for various custom scripts - the export process on the Zoom end is what is adding in the extra whitespace for some fields for some exports; I've had to put in code to trim out the whitespace when dealing with the files.


thanks guys for the tips!