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Setting up desktop phone


I have a desktop phone that does not ring, but the app on my mobile phone rings. I would like to have my desktop phone ring a couple times and if not answered then my mobile phone rings. How do I set this up? And also set hours for calls to be answered.


Desktop phone: Ploy WX-250

Apple iPhone 14


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi rawone,

You can go the zoom portal->personal->phone->settings->call handling

You or your owner or admin can set up your business hours and non business hours.



You can also setup how calls received during business hours and non business hours should be routed.

You can have both devices ring at the same time (simultaneous) or one first followed by the next device (sequential).  In your case, choose sequential.



To select which device rings first, you edit call handling for business hours.  In your case, you want your poly vvx phone to ring first, so move it to the top of the list followed by your mobile app.  Since these are the only devices you want to ring, toggle off any other devices.

To move the position of your desk phone or mobile app, grab the dots to the left of the toggle and move it to the desired position.  This shows that I want my desk phone to ring first followed by the mobile app.




You can set up the amount of time that each device will ring in seconds:




You can also set up how you want calls to be handled during closed and holiday hours.




You can customize how calls are routed during business, closed, and holiday hours.

For more details, please see support article.

Customizing call handling settings – Zoom Support


If your desk phone has not been added your user settings, the owner or admin must add the desk phone to your user settings.

Please see support article.

Getting started with provisioning desk phones – Zoom Support


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thanks,  eliot