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Separate Call Queues for Known and New Contacts


I have a database of contacts in Accelo, which syncs with Google.

I'd like to sync those contacts to Zoom, and setup separate call queues based upon whether or not the caller is a known contact (i.e., the caller ID appears in our system) or the contact is unknown (i.e., isn't in the system).


I realize this may be a custom integration, but is this technically possible?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

hello @andrewgl 


Yes you can sync your google contacts to Zoom. After that your program should have the logic to decide known vs unknown contacts, and based on that use APIs to add those users to Call Queues. Please explore:


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Thanks! I see that creates call queues, but how do I route an incoming call to a particular call queue? Or do I create a new queue for each incoming call? That doesn’t seem practical. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I was responding to your requirement of setting up separate call queues based on known vs unknown caller ids. Can you describe the flow in steps ?

Sure, here's the workflow. We're not married to call queues, shared lines, or anything else, so I've avoided using Zoom terminology.


  1. Person calls our phone number.
  2. Our system takes the caller ID, and searches in our database for a match.
  3. If match
    1. If VIP client -> ring Group A
    2. If not VIP client -> ring Group B
  4. If no match, ring Group C