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Save a caller number without Cloud Contact


How do I add a phone number that calls or texts me withOUT having Cloud Contacts?  It seems the entire system to call or text going out from Zoom requires a complete synch of every single one of my contacts.   With all the hacking going on I am. not comfortable synching all of my personal cellphone contacts with the business phone app through Zoom.   


I have already uploaded my personal contacts but if a new person calls or texts I cannot add them ... I guess I would have to put them into a CSV file and then upload but that seems like lots of work. 


Could Zoom make an option that doesn't always require synching contacts?   Seems like bullying me to to require the synch. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @cynamync,


 When I converted from RingCentral to Zoom Phone about a year ago, I had the same issues you’re expressing. The manual process of entering individual contacts into a CSV file and uploading them seemed very archaic to me, and I was also concerned about “syncing” my contacts with Zoom. 

Here’s what I’ve found: I don’t believe Zoom downloads or stores any of your contacts. I’ve set up Zoom for access to Outlook with the add-in, and it appears to me that Zoom only has access to my contacts on the PC, not on my iPhone or iPad. So now I’m not that concerned that Zoom might somehow be “harvesting” my contact info, and it’s a lot more convenient.  Seems to me like Zoom accesses the contact info locally on the PC – I’m not 100% sure, but it seems to be working fine. 


My suggestion is to give that a try.  You can always revoke the access later. 

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