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Poor Network connection



I just went live with Zoom phone and am having an issue.  When I call out or from ext. to ext in the office I get an error of poor Network connection and no audio.  Then about 10 sec. later I get audio.  This only happens in office.    VPN to PSTN or VPN to VPN is fine.  Any Ideas?   Thanks


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

How familiar are you with your network gear and topology?  Desk phone or mobile app or desktop app or?

I could imagine this as a network issue with your firewall/router and the way it handles voice traffic going out and then back into your same network.


If possible you could try to test while bypassing the firewall/in front of the firewall or trying from another network like your home to see if the same issue exists?  This should help narrow it down at least.