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Phone Audio Cuts out for notifications from other applications


I have a problem where the phone call I'm on loses audio when another application has an audio notification. For instance, if I'm on a zoom Phone call, and a Slack message or an email comes in, and Slack or Outlook has a chime, then I lose the audio from my Zoom call. 


This just started happening yesterday - it hasn't been a problem for the last two years that we've been using Zoom phone. 


I'm on zoom desk top, version 5.13.11 (13434)



I have the same problem. Pixel 6, updated to latest software for both zoom and the OS.


Started happening recently and then zoom becomes unusable because I don't want to fumble with my phone while driving. After any notification that has a chime, zoom audio cuts out permanently. A workaround I found was to open zoom chat and then then go back to the call. This seems to allow zoom audio to resume sometimes.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi phil_stages,


please try zoom desk top current version 5.14.11.


thanks,  eliot