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More than 1 line appearance on Polycom VVX450


I'm currently on a trial with Zoom (wanting to switch from RingCentral). Is it possible to enable multiple line appearances for my personal line? For me, it's much easier to manage multiple calls on separate line keys. Also is this possible on shared line groups?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi chrisjohns,


i don't know to enable multiple line appearances for your personal line but you can ask your sales person.


one of my clients with 400 users and 30 locations switched from avaya ip office to zoom phone.  they selected poly vvx 250, 350 and 450 plus trio for speaker phones to replace avaya phones.  all the features they wished for were available in zoom phone.


someone i know at citibank nyc hq told me that citibank is in the priocess of eliminating almost all desk phones.  they use the zoom desktop clients and mobile clients.  the desktop and mobile clients have some features that desk phones do not have.


these are some support articles from zoom and a quick start guide from poly.


Quick start guide for Poly VVX series phones – Zoom Support


Using call delegation (desk phones) – Zoom Support


Using shared line groups (desk phones) – Zoom Support


Polycom VVX 250_350_and 450 Business IP Phones - Quick Tips



So you want your extension to show up as multiple lines on the phone? If so, pretty sure not possible to do. I believe if your extension has multiple DIDs, each one will show up as a separate line on the phone if that helps.


Also, note that cannot assign multiple extensions to most physical phones (some wireless phones support multiple extensions if have multiple handsets assigned to a base station); can only use shared lines, etc. to make a different extension also show up on a desk phone.

However, one cannot use the desk phone's native call forwarding features to forward calls coming in for shared lines, etc - only calls made to the primary extension will get forwarded. This has made some of our users that do not want to use the Zoom app unhappy as they expect native call forwarding to work for all calls ringing on the phone.

While we are still using desk phones, we encourage people use the app as is more flexible.

Also, the Zoom Power Pack license provides a secondary widget that can be helpful in managing calls.