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Integration across sub-accounts


We are in the process of deploying Zoom Phone across the enterprise.  The company structure is that we have a main company with three business units.  When the person before me set everything up in Zoom, he created the three business units as sub accounts under the main company set as the master account.  This was done to keep billing separate so that each business unit could be charged appropriately.  Now that we're deploying Zoom Phone, I think this is going to limit what we can do.  We might want to have some integration among users in different business units such as being able to add them to call queues or shared line groups, or the ability for an auto-attendant to send a call to people in different business units.  From my experience so far, this does not seem to be possible if those users are in different sub-accounts.  When I configure a shared line group, for instance, the only option to add members is either those in the master account if that's what I'm managing.  If I'm managing a sub-account, only other users in that same sub-account are visible and able to be added.


I'm trying to get confirmation that this is a structural limitation of Zoom Phone and if it is, we need to be creating all of our users in the master account, it would seem, and figure out other ways to track licensing.  I want to get this configured properly as quickly as possible before we get even more users in sub-accounts that would need to be moved.



Does Zoom Phone support this sub-account system? I have not heard of that. When we rolled out we group by sites (which mostly means physical office location but not always in our case).

Can you use the department or call center fields for your needs?