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How to Remove a Google Linked Account - Stopping me from changing the Main Profile Account eMail !


Hi folks,


I am trying to change my Main Zoom Account Owner email to a Google eMail account.

The problem is, used the calendar function to link Zoom to that account.

So when I try to Edit my Zoom Account eMail address to this Google eMail account, I receive the following error

" eMail address is already in use "

I followed the Support Articles to try to find the linked account, however it does not appear anywhere in the Zoom profile.

I went into the Google Account and removed the App Integration with Zoom so from a Google Perspective, the account is no longer associated with this Zoom Account.

I went back to Zoom and tried to change the eMail address to this Google Account and same error.


I even tested with other Gmail accounts and they worked ( I cancelled before comitting them )


This original integration with the first Gmail account seems to be held somewhere in the Zoom account.


Where can I find the reference and delete it ?