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Incoming call on Zoom Phone ends Teams meeting


I work in I.T and have just had a customer call stating that whilst they are in a MS Teams meeting, if they were to receive a call to their Zoom Phone, it would disconnect them from their Teams meeting and automatically answer the call to their Zoom.


They stated they have never had this issue (nor have I seen this issue before today), and they stated that this is happening to around half of the workers (small business, around 10-15 employees). I'm personally unable to test this issue without the involvement of the customer as we don't use Zoom Phone, and we also would not like to inconvenience the customer at all.


The version of Zoom the customer is running is 5.16.10 (26186)

Would heavily appreciate if anyone has any knowledge on this issue that can be provided.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi georgiobcs,


Maybe the "Answer in Zoom" feature is activated which might cause incoming calls to be addressed on the Zoom platform instead of Microsoft. 


According to the Release notes for Zoom Phone December 17, 2023, “If the "Answer in Zoom" feature is activated, calls are addressed on the Zoom platform instead of Microsoft.”


“Add Zoom Phone numbers to Microsoft Teams

Account owners and administrators can include phone numbers in Microsoft Teams Call queues, Auto Receptionists, and Common Areas devices. They can designate users as members of a Zoom Call Queue, providing them with the authority to handle incoming calls directed to that specific queue. If the "Answer in Zoom" feature is activated, calls are addressed on the Zoom platform instead of Microsoft. Admins are able to synchronize users with mismatched email and UPN, along with those having Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro and Shared Devices Microsoft licenses. Additionally, admins can establish an emergency policy for users with a US/CA phone number. Any modifications in Microsoft Teams, such as altering an extension, will prompt a notification to sync the data in Zoom.”


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thanks,  eliot


I am also experiencing the dropped Teams meeting.  The pattern I've noticed is that I am in a Teams meeting when the dialog pops up with a Zoom phone call.  When I click "Decline" in the Zoom dialog, my Teams meeting is disconnected.  I am on version 5.17.0 (28375)


We have a similar issue. When Zoom Phone rings, it will kill the active 'New' Teams call, even if it's just ringing/popup on the screen. No action is required by end user. Zoom 5.17.2 (29988). I opened a ticket with support to see if they have any insight. 

If I revert to 'Classic' teams, the problem does not occur. 

I have the same experience.  New Teams will drop an ongoing Teams call when my Zoom phone starts ringing.  Classic does not drop the Teams call.